Sunday, August 28, 2016

Melody Release and Other Shiny Historical Things

This past weekend, I took a break from my job. I'm enjoying it but it is literally swallowing me whole. I'm on salary for the first time ever so there is less of a clear cut start and stop time for me. I can show up as early as two hours before the official start of the day, stay as long as I want, and then take things home if I wish. The problem is that I haven't exactly worked out a good system for forcing myself to leave in a timely manner. The to-do list never seems to get shorter because as soon as I cross one thing off, five more get added.

But I took my break and headed down to the Orlando store to pick up Melody. We made a weekend trip out of it, wandering around the Florida Mall, getting sushi (well I watched my husband eat sushi while I ate a marshmallow "egg roll"-you can't eat raw fish while pregnant), going to Downtown Disney. We watched a movie where they also served us dinner-I had the best donuts ever. I really needed this trip.

Anyways, here are all the cool things I saw while down there!

Melody's Collection


Obviously I picked up Melody. How could I not? She was the first thing I grabbed. I love everything about her-her flipped ends, her adorable face, her mod outfit. Everything.

Accessories Set

I didn't have the funds to buy everything I wanted and this was one of the things I passed on. I'll definitely be getting it at some point-I'll probably ask for it for my birthday. I could also check the NEX in a few weeks since I still have some base privileges. Her purse looked a bit like plastic to me (sort of like Molly's red purse, which I hate) but the glasses are adorable and I love the Equal Rights in '63 pin.

Blue Bow Top and Pleated Plaid Skort for Girls

I think they could have done something cuter with the top and made it look more 60s but that's just my opinion. These human outfits are hit or miss for me and this one was a miss. It's cute but not $74 plus tax cute.

Fancy Floral Set

Yet another thing I really wanted to buy but just didn't have the funds for. But this is definitely going on my wish list.

Hairstyling Set

This is a cute enough set but I snapped a picture of Melody looking rough with this wig on. I wonder how easy it'll be for children to put it on correctly and keep it on. I like the set but it isn't exactly a need right now.

Melody's Pajamas

I picked up her pajamas-mostly because I think her hair looks darling in the display with the pink bows at the end. It was basically down to this or the floral dress. When I arrived, I thought for sure that I'd be buying the floral dress but something about the pajamas set and how cute she looked in it.

Starry Pajamas for Girls

I like this outfit a lot better than the meet outfit inspired set.

Play Outfit

I just don't like this outfit. I think the top is too short and that is a pet peeve of mine in clothing-both doll clothing and human clothing. The hem of the outfit also really bothers me. Oh well-there's always at least one in every collection. I tend to be a completist so I'm sure this will find a way into my shopping cart one day but I'll definitely be waiting for a sale or something.

Christmas Outfit

This sort of reminds me of Julie's two Christmas outfits in form. I like the colors a lot and think that the cream and gold look beautiful on Melody. I didn't buy it but it's on my wish list.

Fancy Coat

I wouldn't buy the coat set without buying the Christmas outfit so that's also a later.

Recording Studio

There is no way I would buy this, especially now with a baby on the way and very little space. But man oh man is it cool. It can play three different songs and apparently you can even use it to record your own voice. The price tag is a bit hefty but it isn't exactly at the bakery's level of ridiculousness. If I had a kid, I would imagine this had plenty of play value.

Microphone Set

So maybe you want to get the music feel from Melody's stories but you don't have the space/funds for the studio. No worries! This, plus the electric piano, can give you a Motown feel without taking up more room than actual people furniture. I also love that it really does amplify sound! I definitely want this when I have more space.

Electric Piano

Also cute but not something I need or even really want. Probably a nope.

Melody's Dog, Bo

The more I look at them, the more I realize how ugly the various American Girl pets are. They're weirdly proportioned and not at all worth the price tag. Bo is no exception. I will definitely not be spending my money on an overpriced stuffed animal.

Melody's Bed and Bedding

I'm not a fan of the fact that the bed sits so low that the bedspread touches the ground or the orange color. No thanks.

Melody's Bedroom Accessories

I do however like her bedroom accessories, especially the book, the Walk to Freedom gear, and the radio. However these could just as easily live perched on her table set. One day.

Melody's Table and Chairs

I love it-I think the block party was such a central part of her story. If I get a piece of furniture for Melody it will almost certainly be the table and chairs set.

Melody's Block Party Set

This set is adorable-I can't wait for Melody to play a game of bingo with the working bingo cage, the cards, and the markers. I also love how they included the Boston cooler (ginger ale and ice cream float) and the Vernor's Ginger Ale (made in Detroit). Speaking of ginger ale, when I was at the store, they were giving out ginger ale to any children who asked for them. I definitely want this set when I get the table and chairs.

Melody's Travel Essentials

Ostensibly tied to Melody's trip to Alabama, the set includes a red travel case, a blue toiletry case with a mirror, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a towel, and a set of postcards. I like it okay but I probably won't get it.

Other Historical Fun Things

Josefina's Festival Outfit

What, did you think I was going to walk out of there with nothing for my main girl? Just because some new girl came along? Pssh. This was the first thing in my bag. I really like the colors of the skirt and camisa-they're bright and pretty. I'm a little iffy about the silky green fabric of the rebozo and I absolutely hate the pink shoes but she can always wear her regular moccasins with it.

Josefina's Navidad Outfit

I do like this outfit but I didn't buy it. I'll get it later. It's basically a reimagined Christmas outfit in royal blue paired with a white mantilla. I prefer the original but I know I'll end up bringing this home. It's kind of awkward, since Nina is still wearing a copy of the original holiday outfit and in the story her dress is supposed to match. Maybe they'll update it to reflect that.

Desert Primrose Top for Girls

If this came in adult sizes, I'd buy it. It looks perfect for the hot Florida weather too.

Julie's New Year's Eve Outfit

Like most of Julie's things, I hate this. I hate the colors, I hate the cut. I hate it. I especially hate the shoes. I understand the platforms are accurate to the time but every time I put Julie or Ivy in platforms, they fall down. I hate it. Blegh. I didn't buy it.

Retro Camera Tank Top for Girls

While Kit received nothing new for herself, she did get something added to her line of girls inspired clothes. I think this is cute, just not $32 cute. I love how they brought the camera detail in,

Maryellen's Strawberry Outfit

I'm not a huge fan of this but I think it might grow on me. I think the print is really childish for a 9 year old and it sort of bugs me. But the more I looked at it, the cuter it became. I also really like dresses with pockets. I might buy it later.

Maryellen's Christmas Party Outfit 

I'm glad they finally came out with a proper Christmas outfit for Maryellen-that skating outfit did NOT count. However, I wish it wasn't red. I get so tired of red Christmas dresses. Green would look so pretty on Maryellen. Still, I like it and I'll probably end of asking for it for my birthday.

Maryellen's Party Punch Set

I really like this set-especially the reindeer. I don't like that she's apparently supposed to put them on her living room set however-I wish they would give her a proper table and chairs set, as well as a proper bed!

Maryellens' Holiday Cookie Set

Again, a cute set but I wish we had an actual table for it. I do love the apron though and pregnancy makes me want to eat the cookies.

Maryellen's Refrigerator and Food Set

Man does this come with a lot. The fridge is a soft pretty pink and opens up to reveal all the cool things inside-TV dinners, an ice cube tray, bottles of milk, a cooked ham, condiment jars, etc. Maryellen eats better than I do.The set also contains hideous TV trays and a stand to hold them. I like this set but if I was going to get anything large for Maryellen, it'd be her diner. Nope.

Plum Jacket for Girls

This color looks great on Rebecca and I would totally buy this if it came in adult sizes! I love the peplum and I adore the color.

Rebecca's Menorah and Dreidel Set

I am so, so happy that they've brought back a Hanukkah set for Rebecca. I will definitely be buying this as soon as I have the room to put together my full displays again. It'll go right on her sideboard. I love the rearing lions and the gelt coins it includes.

Addy, Samantha, and Kaya received nothing and Kit only received something for girls to wear. I'm curious if Samn will retire to make room for Felicity, who is now rumored to be making her way back in. Is that going to be the way of it? One archived doll out at a time? I'd be okay with that.

I'm still hoping that some of the other things tat have been rumored to be coming out do eventually make an appearance.

Anyways, did anyone else have a fun experience at the store?


  1. Glad to hear you're doing well! And to see this new stuff! I hope everything is going well for you : )