Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Addy's Striped Dress

So I am keeping my promise to not post about the dolls I always post about (Josefina, Rebecca, Caroline, and Kirsten). Since it is still fall, I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite fall outfits that American Girl has released.

And it's an Addy dress! Let's talk about Addy for a moment since this is her first time being seen on my blog.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Item Review: Josefina's Weaving Outfit

More Josefina!
So Halloween is over and we're now on the count down to the busiest months of the year for me which include: my anniversary (yes, I had an anniversary earlier this year but that is the anniversary of my legal marriage and this is the real deal), my birthday (which for the first time this year leaves me with a sense of depression instead of excitement), the military ball, Thanksgiving (which I'll be celebrating with my dad for the first time ever), Christmas, a trip home right after, and then the New Year. Once New Year's hits, I'll be preparing for my husband to leave the military. Busy times ahead...

And of course with the holiday season coming up, American Girl is busy as well. Grace is about to be gone forever, as well as Caroline (go to Costco!), and then AG can disappoint me again with their new GOTY. I am not getting my hopes up. I guess I'm getting cynical.

In the meantime, American Girl can deal with the criticism over their recent coverage in their magazine of a foster child who was adopted by two loving parents. Why would that be a big deal, you might ask? Oh, yeah, because those two loving parents are both men. We all know that children are better off stuck in temporary foster homes than with two loving but gay parents! I just can't...