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New Bed Time Release!

Beds, PJs, and Nina-Oh My!

So I finally went on my honeymoon.

Yes, I've been married for a while. A year next weekend actually. But, my husband is military, and when your spouse is in the military, your life must run on Uncle Sam's schedule. That is why, legally, I will have been married for a year next weekend BUT I didn't consider myself married until my wedding November of last year. That is why, since there were so many deaths in our family that my husband took leave for, our honeymoon was delayed for a while.

I'm not upset about it-the extra time meant we saved more money.

We went to NYC, and it was wonderful. Even better, on our way home, we found out that marriage inequality had been declared a bunch of BS by the Supreme Court. I cried, and we both felt better, since I always felt guilty that I could get married but others could not.

Anyways, I went to American Girl Place NYC because of course I did. I actually went on the day of the release. I picked up a few things-Julie, Josefina's new bedroom accessories, and Caroline's nightgown.

Bonus! My husband acted like a jerk in the NY Public Library an hour before we walked inside the store (nothing major, just exhaustion, plus the military makes him stressed out a lot-you think you have a good temper? That you're easy going? Join the USMC-enlisted military is one of the most stressful jobs in America), so he ended up buying me Rebecca's holiday outfit. I forgave him.

I saw lots of neat things, so here's my review!

Truly Me: Finally See It In Person. NOT IMPRESSED. 

(And other modern things...)

I was told by a fellow blogger that I would like the outfit if I saw it in person. They were right, in that it doesn't suck AS MUCH as it seems to online. But come on-I don't want to pay $115 plus a 9% sales tax in NYC (what even...) for a doll in an outfit that only barely doesn't make me want to scratch my own eyes out. Can I grade this? D-

Question-who wears two skirts, one on top of the other? Anyone? Didn't think so.

You know, I honestly think this is a marketing scheme on American Girl's part. Make the meet so hideous that parents will be forced by the laws of aesthetics to buy a second outfit for their child's doll. Frankly, the dolls at Toys R Us come in cuter outfits, though I think the dolls themselves are unattractive.

Moving on.

Now this? This I can get behind. I love it. I can't even tell you how much I love it. Science is awesome, and girls aren't encouraged to pursue it.

Here's a scary thing. I am considered a smarter than average person-I don't want to brag, but it is necessary for the story. I was gifted, I took advanced classes, I graduated with highest honors from college. And yet I can't do long division and even thinking about higher level math makes me feel sick to my stomach. You can't tell me that I'm not smart enough to do such a basic mathematical operation. Yet I was told all my life that girls aren't good at math-we're good at language arts and social studies. This is the result, and it does impact my earning ability since a lot of high paying careers involve math and science.

Girls need to be encouraged to pursue science and math. So yes to this. All the yes.

 Um...what is that costume on the left supposed to be? What is that thing on her head? I honestly don't know, and maybe someone can comment and tell me. I hate it though.

That's all I looked at for the JLY stuff-modern isn't my thing, and this was the last day in NYC. I was tired.

Girl of the Year: Grace

Grace's Sightseeing Outfit is adorable! I want it, even though I don't have Grace and have no plans to buy her. I love black and white outfits, and the bow on the shoulder is so cute!

BeForever: I almost fainted when I saw Josefina's stuff.


Josefina has a new bed-it's white and orange instead of green and black. I really like it! I prefer the old bed but I like this one almost as much!
You can also see her new nightgown. I adore the orange-I think orange is a good color on Josie. It's her color. I've decided.

This is a close up of her new bedroom accessories. It includes a candle and candle holder, but other than's really her old school stuff isn't it, minus the speller? Ink well, quill, ledger, notebook...Yep.

Works for me, since I just recently acquired her retired writing desk and stand (reviews to come). So I picked up this set and I'm displaying it on that.

Here's an excellent question though-with all of these new bedroom accessory sets, where's the freaking nightstand to display it on?!? I guess they'll just put their crap on the floor, huh? Smh.

The best part! Nina is back! Nina is back! Nina is back!

And I have her. I can't wait until Christmas, when they'll be wearing matching outfits.


Ida Bean is back too! Plus Addy has new bedroom stuff!
And...I like it more than I liked the previous set. Blue is Addy's color and her old nightgown was kind of boring. But the blue ribbon detail is just so pretty on her. I love it!

Her bedroom set includes a book and a lantern to read it by...but again, no nightstand. Where would Addy put this lamp?


Rebecca on her new purple and white bed. I hate this, but I didn't really like her old one either. They're both too girly for my taste, though this one is much worse. I think Rebecca looks good in purple, but a rich purple like in her meet outfit. Not a sickly lilac shade.

Glad I bought her beautiful blue and white pajamas while they were on sale. That's all I have to say.
I didn't manage to get a good shot of her bedroom accessories, so here's a stock photo. I realize I didn't do that for the Truly Me stuff, but this matters more to me.

I like this! I'm glad they're bringing the books back. The Russian nesting dolls are adorable and I've wanted them since they were described in the Meet book. Once again though...where would she put this?


Kit's bed is just an updated version of her old one, and I for one think it's very pretty without being ridiculously girly-I hate girly, pink things for Kit since she specifically said in the story that she hates pink.

The pajamas are cute. I don't think they're as nice as her beach PJs but they're a heck of a lot better than the awful pink striped nightie.

More cuteness! Her radio is back, and so is the Robin Hood book. Again, no table.


I actually bought Julie while I was in NYC. I already had Ivy. Now I just need to buy Cecile (I'm begging for her for my birthday and the wedding anniversary we celebrate in November) and Ruthie, and then I'll have a complete historical least until Maryellen comes, which will certainly be before I get either of the other dolls. But hey...I wouldn't want a complete collection, because then the fun would be over!

Anyways though...welcome to the group, Julie Albright!

She has a new bed. It's nice, very similar to her old bed. I'm glad she now has two sets of PJs (yes-I used another stock photo) since I have to steal stuff from Julie's collection to dress Ivy because racism.

I actually do that a lot. Friends share clothes. Right now, Samantha is about to be changed into Nellie's meet and Nellie is wearing Samantha's BeForever bicycling outfit. Emily is wearing Molly's bathing suit. But at least those friends had outfit! Ivy barely has anything-not even pajamas!

 Julie now has two Christmas dresses and two sets of PJs and that makes it easier. Also, these are cute! I like these better than the old ones!

And then I saw it...

Josefina, Addy, Kit, Rebecca-they don't have side tables or vanities or any sort of bedroom furniture other than a bed. Not even SAMANTHA, American Girl's pretty pink princess, has a table like this (but she does have an ice cream parlor and a gazebo so...). But Julie does. It's not fair.

It looks very cheap (I didn't touch it, but that is certainly plastic), but the color is pretty. Love the clock!

* * *
Anyways, I loved most of the new stuff. I like that they're bringing back some of the old items that I missed before I started collecting. I'm sure I'll be reviewing some new items soon.

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