Sunday, February 15, 2015

Special Edition Outfits-First Impressions

Spring Release 2015

So I'm going to take a break from who would they be today to review the new historical outfits. I do not own them (yet), and I do not live near a store. These are just the rambled opinions of an online shopper.

So this was clearly the reason they were having a sale-to make way for the new stuff. I scored Rebecca's Souvenirs so I was happy!

I'm disappointed that Josefina still has nothing. Caroline doesn't either, which kind of surprises me. I was always under the impression that she was a very popular doll. I think Josefina is going to be archived at some point in the near future. I know American Girl says that they'll be doing something with her this spring and I hope that's true-I just don't believe them.

Anyways, here are the items that were released for the historical dolls this spring. Enjoy!

Addy's Dress and Sewing Set ($48)
I have a feeling this outfit will be really popular with little kids, and you know what? That's great-I know for sure that my 9 year old cousin Haley would love this dress. She would love the colors. But I just don't. For me, this very much looks like a doll's outfit, not like something a person would want to wear. I think it's kind of cute, but not something I would ever buy for myself. I'm sure it'll sell well though, and I'm glad Addy is getting attention from American Girl.

Julie's Skateboarding Set ($48)
Now this...this I can get behind. This is adorable! I would wear this to the gym. I might end up getting this for Ivy (I don't have Julie yet), we'll see. The colors are cute, and this does look like something a real person would wear. The cost doesn't bother me so much with this outfit either, since it does come with a little doll skateboard.

Julie's Mix Print Maxi Dress aka "vomit" ($28)
I have only one word for this monstrosity: no. Actually, I discovered more words. Hideous. Garish. Tacky. Gross. Now before some person says it's because I don't like 80s're right. I don't. I've said that before. But this goes a little beyond my typical disdain for the items in Julie's collection.

Kaya's Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit ($48)
This is my favorite of all the spring release historical outfits. I will almost certainly be buying this-unless I suddenly have a major financial setback, this will be purchased. I love it-red looks REALLY good on Kaya (always something strange to me, as an Irish girl who looks terrible in red). I think they put a lot of effort into this, and I want it. I want it so bad.

Kit's Chicken Keeping Set ($48)
So...I think my same comments about Addy's outfits apply here as well. This looks very much like a doll outfit. Also I am SO sick of the pink in Kit's outfits, not because I don't think people wore pink in 1934 (I know they did) but because Kit specifically said she hated pink in the stories! I guess this is meant to replace her overalls outfit but no one would wear this to work with chickens. Maybe Ruthie, but certainly not Kit. My husband worked on a farm for years as a teenager-chickens are the most disgusting animal possible. I actually showed him the outfit and, after he sighed and groaned, I asked if he thought this was an appropriate outfit for taking care of chickens. The pretty blue would have chicken poop all over it, and her boots aren't high enough. Chickens are very mean, and they will peck at you-with low boots, you're exposing your ankles to their vicious pecks. The chicken is cute, but I'm not paying $48 for a chicken.

Rebecca's Seashore Set ($48)
I have already seen a lot of complaints about this outfit, mostly on Pinterest before the outfits were released. And I kind of understand actually. The response to the complaints is that 1914 bathing suits really did look like this. Maybe they did, that isn't my issue with it. Maybe some girls wore outfits like this in 1914, but I believe there is textual evidence that Becky's family would never have allowed her to wear an outfit like this. Am I wrong on this? It's been a while since I read that book. I'll edit this if I;m wrong, but wasn't it specifically discussed when Becky goes to Coney Island? I don't think Rebecca would have worn an outfit like this. Additionally, purple and pink looks horrible together in most instances, and this is no exception.

Samantha's Flower Picking Set ($48)
I like this-not as much as Kaya's outfit, but I think it is very, very pretty and I'll probably try and buy it. I am getting kind of sick of assigning each character a color-pink is getting so overused for Samantha. There are other colors out there but it seems they want her to wear pink all the time. I like pink but man, oh man, too much pink. I liked Addy's flower picking outfit better, but hey, I still like this. I may buy it.

Samantha's Travel Coat and Hat ($32)
Oh-so I'm supposed to pay $50 dollars for the outfit, and then I have to pay an extra $32 for the accessories? Ridiculous! And it isn't even ALL of the accessories. Sometimes I wonder if AG is going to price themselves right out of the market-it seems like their focus is now on super expensive special edition outfits. What do you guys think? I like this a lot actually and I'll probably succumb, but the way they're pricing things is ridiculous.

Samantha's Travel Bag Set ($28)
So let me get this straight-to have the complete travel look for Samantha, I need to buy the flower picking set for $48, the travel coat and hat for $32, and then the travel set for $28? Get outta hear with that noise! Also I hate gloves for the dolls-they look like they're wearing oven mitts in my opinion.

Samantha's Special Day Dress ($32) (shown above in the gazebo)
Finally a dress that isn't pink...well that isn't COMPLETELY pink at least. I really like mint green and I think this dress is very pretty. It's a lot more reasonably priced than the flower picking special edition set too. I'm not sure how practical it is to paint in such an outfit, but it is awfully pretty. This is going on the list.

Samantha's Painting Set ($36) (shown above in the gazebo)
I really like this accessory set, and I can almost guarantee that it'll be bought at some point. Accessories make the collection a lot more interesting, and it'll certainly make a pretty display in my apartment. It's not too expensive either.

Samantha's Garden Gazebo ($200)
The furniture is another very interesting development to me. I wondered about this when I saw Grace's $500 monstrosity. Even if I had $500, which I do not, I couldn't find the room for that thing, and I live in a two bedroom apartment with my husband. Do other people have enough room for what are, basically, doll houses for each individual doll? At least the price is much more reasonable, but then again, this doesn't come with accessories like the bakery does. So it won't be bought, both for an unwillingness to pay that much for it and a lack of space.

Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set ($75)
This is cute, and I might even buy it. I think the little table thing is just adorable. I think $75 is a little much, seeing as the accessories come separately, but I can live with this. It just isn't the first thing on my shopping list.

Samantha's Treat Set ($45)
Of course, a serving set without accessories would be a little empty, so throw down another $50 while you're at it to get the treats to go with it! I don't want to complain too much, I know American Girl isn't a necessity and that it's a luxury brand. I'm just kind of flabbergasted. Mark my words, that bakery will probably be on sale in November. That is my guess anyway. The prices are creeping up too quickly I think.

So there you have it-one snarky, cheap person's opinions on the historical spring release. So on the shopping list: Kaya's modern fancy shawl outfit, Samantha's flower picking outfit, Julie's roller skating set, the special day dress, and the painting set. Huh-better start saving up.


  1. Wow, this review of AG's spring releases really hits the nail for me. I feel a bit more critical of Samantha's dresses simply because they seem like an overload of pink. They are pink, lacy and frilly and don't appeal at all to me
    As for Kit's outfit, I couldn't agree more with you. I actually have a small flock of chickens and never wear light pretty clothes and short boots when feeding them. I wear boots that almost reach to my knees and am always dirty after cleaning the coop. I think they are just insulting the character of Kit. It's such a shame since I thought Kit's personality was interesting. As a chicken lover, the only redeeming value with this outfit is the chicken. But who would pay $48 for that?

    Great blog! I love your detailed posts about AG.

    1. Thanks! And the chicken is adorable but I'm sure I could find a stuffed chicken for her to hold for $5 when I finally buy her original overalls outfit. It's just not worth it.

  2. As an artist I like and want Samantha's painting set. I'm wanting to get that sometime.

    As a girl my grandma had chickens. She saw Kit's chicken keeping set and said "It's cute but why wear it around chickens? That's just asking for trouble." She did like the toy stuffed chicken.